Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • palomino0513
    Mar 28, 11:31 PM
    So how do I get 4.3 back on my ipad?

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  • benhollberg
    Mar 10, 11:16 PM
    Apple brought us Apple branded beanies and coffee mugs, now Little Ceasars pizza and Crazy Bread!

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 6, 11:11 AM
    At that level, I am not seeing the need for incentive, please explain why billionaires need incentive to work harder?

    But they must be punished for their success, on the backs of the workers!!!! :rolleyes:

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  • MacsBestFriend
    Nov 3, 08:19 PM
    I am looking for some good headphones because my cheap in ears have broken. Again. I heard skullcandy's are good. I found both of them for 28 dollars and 32 dollars on I plan on listening to rap and hip hop and techno with a little rock. Which one should I get? Opinions?

    i was going to get hesh, but i picked up some smokin' buds to save 10 bucks. they have some sick bass for only $25. bottom line: hesh.

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  • jnc
    Feb 8, 01:26 PM
    So in theory Apple wont release Bluray until they release compatible displays. We could be waiting a long time before we see Bluray as an option then on Macs!

    Sometime this year... Montevina MBP with Blu Ray burner, HDCP ACDs with HDMI and Blu Ray drive option on Mac Pro, then. :D

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  • puma1552
    Apr 21, 08:21 AM
    Why should they make good quality headphones? Seriously, I really don't think that makes any sense for apple or the consumer.

    Why should Ferrari put good tires on their cars?

    Just think about it; here's a company championing (used to, anyway) their music player and how great the experience was, but then at the same time made sure that the final product (the music that enters your head) sounds like total ass because of 10 cent headphones they include with their premium product.

    Same thing applies to Ferrari--why build an awesome car that's made for great performance, and then put 10 cent tires on it, resulting in a poor final product in terms of end-user experience?

    A premium music player is useless without good headphones, just as a premium car is useless without good tires.

    Putting crappy headphones in the box of a premium priced/marketed product is an oxymoron, and a bit of an insult to the consumer. And spare the "Oh but that would cost too much for the consumer", because that wouldn't exactly flow with everyone praising a $6B profit quarter.

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  • rodh257
    May 2, 11:08 PM
    thanks, yeah the USB drive thing is really crap, makes simple things such a pain! I'll give WinClone a go and see what I can come up with :D

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  • balamw
    Aug 7, 06:30 PM
    Wonder how much they paid Connectix just to abandon it.
    You do realize that Microsoft bought Connectix ( out entirely. They're part of the Borg now. It's all Microsoft's decisions now...


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  • Chris Bangle
    Oct 26, 08:06 AM
    I find the interface of this thing more interesting the the button thing... This must be the interface of the future because the menu system on the present ipods, i know its brilliant but its a bit old, by the way its more remote control than ipod, i think theres too much info on the screen for it too be an ipod... i reckon its a media remote control thing.. The patent doenst mention ipod so i think its a remote for bringing music to the living room... im probably wrong but thats what i think.. Anyway ive been waiting for touch screen not touch sides...

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  • Flowbee
    May 25, 11:33 AM
    I can't decide which is a worse idea: Watching a movie on an iPod, or reading a book on an iPod. :confused:

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  • someguy
    Jan 7, 02:23 PM
    There's nothing going on today.

    It's a Sunday...folks don't work on Sundays if they can avoid it. :D
    I'm at work. :(

    Well, I look forward to Tuesday then!

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  • cberic3
    Aug 26, 06:14 AM
    Thanks. For some reason my reference can make the script work with firefox, but for some reason when i check my source in firefox, the code in the header is all gray, whereas the reference pages's source work correctly. Makes no sense considering they are exactly the same.


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  • jeffosx
    Jul 4, 03:27 AM
    Hi all, I have photoshop and illustrator in which I make diagrams and label charts figures etc. These ultimately end up in a word document as reports etc.

    I cant work out how to take nice looking figures with dropshadows, transparency and in particular, text and keep it looking good for word. Somehow the text ends up fuzzy and graphics look like crap. I have tried tiff, gif, jpg eps and they all seem to look crap. Are there any other options apart from not using word. I have used inDesign to get around this but it doesnt help when someone needs to work on it and Indesign takes a fair bit of effort sometimes to get it looking smart...

    any help appreciated.


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  • kb9000
    Dec 31, 12:36 AM
    between this and the new Spymac... 2004 will feel so fresh!

    I also just saw video snack bar menus at my AMC theater which totally made me feel like I was in the future! Hooray for new things!

    Oh, and this new MacRumors design is coo... feels much more volumetric.

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  • ThE.MeSsEnGeR
    Mar 8, 03:56 PM
    I've wondered about this for a while. and I would even pay to have all the chat history for my MSN ( account!

    I think this could be possible, because some messages get stored when you're offline and you receive them when you log in. so why don't they keep them all in their servers?

    can anyone help with this?

    p.s. what's actually stored on my macbook is only 6 months old, but I want all 9 years worth of it.

    p.p.s. by any case, does Facebook chat messages get stored too?

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  • andrewfee
    Mar 7, 03:51 PM
    Noise Ninja ( It can do wonders to the quality of your photographs.

    I was pretty desperate to get a better camera, but now with a few minutes in noise-ninja I'm really impressed with how some of the shots actually look. Sure, a better camera will make them better still, but right now I have other things I'd rather spend my money on, and purchase the camera at a later date.

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  • redraidermacman
    Oct 18, 11:47 PM
    I WANT TO!!!!, but i cant, im going to watch a football game at my alma mater...:(

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  • macmunch
    Aug 25, 05:28 PM
    I must speak about the graphic Cards Apple takes for its Product line. Thats a Point I misslike !!!


    low --> Geforce 4 MX
    middle --> Radeon 9000 PRO
    high --> Radeon 9000 PRO

    These Cards are too bad for the Power Mac Line.

    Look a Geforce 4 Ti4200 very good card has nearly the same Price like the Radeon 9000 Pro and the Gf4 Ti4200 is Faster !!!

    And I dont can understand how you can build a card like the Radeon 9000 in THE HIGH END ?!?!?

    These would be good and serious !

    low --> Radeon 9000 PRO
    middle --> Geforce 4 Ti 4200
    high --> Geforce 4 Ti 4400 or 4600

    Ti books are very Good !
    iBook needs a Bump on graphic power (by the way)

    And the iMac I think also need more power in graphic, when the next update of the iMac will still have a Gf2 I will laugh because noobody uses this cards more ( on the market) and the have no power !

    Apple has a Big alliance with Nvidia much of you also think that there will be a Nforce Board for the Power Mac, so why not Simple use the things which Nvidia is very famous and good ???

    Yes graphic acceleratetors !
    By the way you can take MSI Geforce Cards and make a Flash rom and have a full Mac Geforce card for half the price !?!?

    So the cards are not expensive in production and its not much work to put this cards in the Mac ! So why there are no good cards like the Geforce4 Ti4200 or 4400 for the Mac user ???


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  • macmunch
    Aug 25, 08:11 PM
    But this card is not weaker !

    Much faster and that is why i Dont understand Apple to take the Radeon 9k.

    You need ot to build a new card you need to build a flash rom that the card understands the Mac system its not so difficult !

    See Terratec the ship Mac os drivers for der PCI sound cards drivers and flash rom and you can use terraec soun cards !

    So simply same on graphic cards exspecially Nvidia cards

    Mar 10, 07:02 PM
    I would love to do that, but I have to work tomorrow :( Maybe i ll just stop by and chill, i dont know.

    Disclaimer: im hearing impaired haha.

    You should just stop by, what time do you think?

    Talking this over with the wife, it will be about a 21hr. wait, and i need to consider if my Back will hold out that long, But what makes it fun is being with everyone else that has the same interests.

    Ben is their Any problems with catching some shuteye and other "Spectators" that are not in the Apple line leaving you alone? And what about the Dreaded "Restroom" Facility's being available if needed?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, just have to get all the info i can, Im not to young anymore, But this is something I would like to do.

    I have a 3 part tent "1 Large Middle and 2 small separate tents linked by a tunnel for privacy" It can be used for up to 12 people "Mini Condo Type" i would be willing to bring that and even share with other folks waiting also.

    No problem with legitimate questions, I have seen people bring tents before but I never have because I just sit in a chair or talk with others. Actually a lot of tents before I have seen. Because of the late launch I bet more people bring tents just for the day as well.

    As for other people problems, not really. They alone time I had a problem was during the iPhone 4 launch when a bunch of people drove by and taunted everyone because they pre-ordered and got it in the mail earlier.

    Restrooms, the ones in the mall are usually locked but not every time. Two options I have done before, the Hyatt hotel to the north is open to the public until midnight, I think, but I have gone there. Then the Radison hotel, which kinda far, is always open and I have gone there as well.

    Dec 21, 03:55 PM
    Cool! I've used the free WireTap utility for a while, and I've been very pleased with it.

    Unfortunately, with the introduction of WireTap Pro, the free one is no longer available for download. At least I couldn't find a link to it.

    I think they removed it, but according to Andrew Welch (president of Ambrosia Software), "Everything that was free in the older, free WireTap continues to be free in WireTap Pro. You can use it to your heart's content to record AIFF recordings, and never pay for it." If you use other features, an unregistered message is dubbed over your recordings until you register.

    Dec 13, 03:46 PM
    Panther I believe was when they began shipping on DVD's mainly (and of course on to Tiger...).I don't think DVDs became the norm until Tiger.

    Jan 21, 11:38 AM
    If people are still purchasing the existing displays I don't see much motivation in rolling out new ones.

    well I'm holding the purchase of a MacPro for a while because I would like the newest monitor with it. I'm sure there are others that do not want to buy ...

    Nov 11, 04:14 PM

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